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We definitely learned this from these records

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It was too long. He wouldn't leave I was thinking. Manners are necessary in RuneScape Gold such dealings, though. We definitely learned this from these records. Of course. You saw the incredibleness of dragonkin through the old diary. Eventually, your dealings brought you to me and I steered you to the dragonkin. 

I didn't think that dwarves would be capable of reasoning with Mithril Dragons. There was apparently a second copy of those records, however. However, I'm eager to see the look on Lucien's face after he has seen the little surprise we've prepared for him. Yes, I've asked Nesazi to tend to this. Now, [your name] will be able to stop the deceitful behavior of being a fugitive from us.

What did you know? You didn't think any of the lesser beings could fool me. What do you think, a gnome wizard? I thought I along with my apprentice Glouph were the only ones. However, you'd be weak without a doubt. So, you do exist. They've been supporting Lucien! Ha! Lucien Please help! You may not know as much about us as we believed.

Lucien is going to be free of your worries soon, worry less about him than I do. The only thing he has ever been is making the Armadyl staff. Hazelmere was killed as well by Meddler. What happened to Meddler? You did him wrong! You killed Argento like this! Guthix was proud to have created Argento. He deserved to die. What's the reason... Why?

Let them have fun. Hreidmar You and your soldiers attend to the other intruders. I will deal with [your name]. You now have to take on Wyvoch again. He is a melee-wielder simultaneously. Your prayers are, as before, only an encapsulation. When you are half-healthy, you'll be able to see a cut-scene in Dorgeshkan, where Zanik recuperates and is determined to buy OSRS Fire Cape come and assist you out. Another cutscene shows several White Knights fighting the Red Axe Co.

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